1804 Draped Bust Silver Dollar Tribute
This Limited Edition Collectible honors the rare and highly publicized 1804 Dollar which shattered all records in 1997 when it sold at auction for $1,815,000! The origins of the 1804 Dollar are shrouded in mystery, for while Mint records state that 19,570 Dollars were struck in 1804, none were actually dated 1804. In truth, the Mint continued to use coinage dies from 1803 or earlier, and then stopped the production of Silver Dollars for three decades. In 1834, President Andrew Jackson directed that complete sets of U.S. coins be assembled as diplomatic gifts to the King of Siam and the Sultan of Muscat. The Silver Dollar had not been issued for many years, and records showed 1804 as the last year of mintage. To complete the sets, new dies were produced bearing that date, and the famous 1804 Dollar was born. Known as the King of American Coins, only 15 specimens are known to exist in the world today.
7295 - $19.95

Superb Tribute to America's First Gold Coin
No American Gold coin is more highly prized than the 1795 $5 Gold Half Eagle. For a short time, we are honoring this fabled classic coin lavishly layered with over 6 Mils of pure 24K Gold. Bearing the historic 1795 date, each gleams with a brilliant surface and exquisitely frosted images. The coin’s intriguing history is included.
5474 - $19.95

1943 Steel Cent Collection
Legendary Penny that Helped Win WWII The 1943 Steel Lincoln Cent stands as one of the most patriotic coins in the nation's history. When copper was urgently needed for combat purposes during WWII, the Mint sought a substitute metal to produce One-Cent coins. Struck for one year only, the Steel Cent left a mighty footprint on the road to winning the war. This special collection frames the coin's obverse from each of the issuing Mints along side two reverse designs.
1620 - $9.95

Lucky Lotto Scratcher
Beautifully crafted and loaded with luck, our new keyring is perfect for scratching to uncover those winning lotto numbers. A traditional horseshoe, accented with a four-leaf clover, frames a bronze One-Cent coin from the Emerald Isle. Specially fitted to slide in the horseshoe, the lucky Irish Penny is always at your fingertips to uncover that winning number. As handy as it is charming, this delightful key ring arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity.
4854 - $9.95

A Proof Tribute to the Official U.S. Mint Ronald Reagan Presidential Commemorative
A Historic Collectors’ Commemorative Minted Under an Act of Congress The display of grief and of admiration for our nation’s 40th President has been nothing short of spectacular... in both its worldwide scope and its heartfelt sincerity. For behind Ronald Reagan’s easy going manner and plain spoken style, stood a man filled with conviction and courage. Minted out of solid bronze, and lavishly layered in 24KT gold , this Ronald Reagan Tribute Proof is the perfect way to honor, remember and treasure our beloved former President. Only a limited number of such commemoratives will be created, each accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Commemorative Tribute Proof is an exclusive, limited edition collectible you cannot purchase anywhere else. The careful application of 24KT Gold makes this commemorative as shining and spectacular as the man himself.
5943 - $19.95

Ancient Coint of the Roman Empire
The Roman Empire continued to mint coins even as its civilization moved towards ruin (27 B.C to 378 A.D.). They made leaders of the heroes of the battlefield and heroes of their leader by stamping their likeness on each coin. Authentic and hand-struck, each coin has its own unique shape.
1661 - $19.95

World's Luckiest Coin - In Full Color
Your luck should never run out when you carry this beautiful $10 coin. Seven of the world’s most popular symbols of luck, happiness and wealth have been intricately engraved on the obverse and rendered in enchanted color by American Coin Treasures. Each Liberian legal tender Lucky Coin comes in an elegant leatherette display case with a Certificate of Authenticity. Lovely to look at and loaded with luck, this dazzling talisman makes a great gift for yourself or someone special. Share this special gift of good fortune with friends and family!
2211 - $14.95

Tribute Proof of the World's Most Expensive Coin
1933 Saint-Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ magnificent $20 Gold Piece from 1933 recently sold at auction for an incredible $7.59 million! To honor the landmark Gold coin, this Collector’s Proof is minted under the strictest quality standards and struck multiple times for razor sharp design details and a brilliant finish. Each Proof has been layered with over 6 Mils of pure 24K Gold and bears the historic 1933 date. Your Tribute Proof arrives with a registered certificate.
2929 - $19.95

Portraits of American Women
An historic set honoring five unique images of women in America’s coinage. Three coins feature symbolic representations of Lady Liberty, while two, the Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea Dollars, commemorate actual women whose contributions changed the nation forever.
4835 - $24.95

Lighthouse Colorized State Quarter Collection
For hundreds of years, lighthouses have safely guided seafarers around the jagged shores of America’s coastline. Soaring towers rising against the sky, their beacons of light have served as guideposts for countless ships and their crews. This colorful collection highlights five of the country’s most famous lighthouses each colorfully delineated on the official Quarter of its home state. Enhanced in full color by American Coin Treasures and secured in a protective acrylic case, this set is an American landmark and a lovely work of art.
5904 - $19.95

Bankers' Bag Full of San Francisco Mint Pennies
In 1974, The San Francisco Mint ceased minting circulating Pennies, and today strikes only proof and commemorative coins. Arriving in a charming canvas bankers’ bag are at least 50 “S” Mint Lincoln Wheat Ear Pennies from the Mint's earlier days. Struck from 1909 to 1958, the Lincoln Penny's distinctive Wheat Ear reverse celebrates America's agricultural heritage. With every coin over 45 years old, it's a collector's delight!
2853 - $19.95

World's Luckiest Coin Keyring
Good luck is always at your fingertips when you carry this dazzling key ring adorned with the World’s luckiest coin! Beautifully rendered in full color, this unique $10 Liberian coin is intricately engraved with the world’s most beloved symbols of luck and fortune.
2310 - $24.95

Silver Angel Door Blessing
This appealing angel is sure to bring joy to any home. Hand-crafted of richly burnished pewter, the head of the angel frames one of the world’s most beautiful coins. The charming Libertad Angel was struck of .999 Fine Silver at the Casa de Moneda de Mexico, the oldest mint in the Western Hemisphere. Engraved with a beautiful blessing for friends and family, this very special angel is a wonderful addition to your own home and a thoughtful gift for someone else’s.
5692 - $24.95